CHECK 11 ~Elemental Rage~

   This is the last variant of CHECK 11 VERSE that I wanted to create, for people who want to play a more casual friendly chess variant. But… Eermmh, well… I found that it is not an easy task to do.

   While I did not come up with something as casual as I wanted, I still came with a more accessible variant than CHECK 11 ~Original Vision~ and For CHECK 11 ~Royal Secret~: CHECK 11 ~Elemental Rage~.

   In Check 11 ~Elemental rage~, you can use 4 elemental cards to empower your pieces 4 times during the game.

   There are 4 types of elemental card, all obviously related to the 4 elements of the nature air, fire, water and earth.

Air Power-up

   This gives you the ability to pass through pieces.
    You can use this to get into offensive quickly with a piece at cover, or to retreat an exposed piece out in the offensive.
    You can attack while being covered by your own pieces and even attack through opponent pieces with level 2 and level 3!

Fire Power-Up

    This gives you the power to capture twice.
    Use this to destroy unsafe pieces alignment in the opponent positioning.
    A very powerful tool against opponent exchange tactics with level 2 and level 3, since at these levels the opponent pieces don’t need to be adjacent to be captured in one move!

Water Power-Up

    You can turn once while moving with this.
    It is useful in closed position. You are basically doing a 2-in-1 move, allowing you to get where you want faster, but also safely since you can pass through attacked spaces.
    Max level power-up gives unprecedented zoning power thanks to the ability to turn to make a capture!

Earth Power-Up

    You can push pieces with this.
    It can seem rather weak in itself but it actually has multiple mini-uses like switching a bishop color case or weakening the opponent pawn structure.
    At max level, you can even push all the way to the enemy back line your king and win, or your pawn and make a promotion!

   With all of that in mind, make a good strategy in relation with your elements power-ups of your choice and victory will follow!

Check out the rulebooks for more

Debut version for discovery
         - Only one cards mode available (Balance Air-Fire-Water-Earth)
         - 4 more cards mode available (Master Air - Fire - Water - Earth)
         - Access to level 2 power-up with Max Force
Complete version for full experience (work-in-progress)
         - 6 more cards mode available (Yinyang Air-Fire - Air-Water - Air-Earth - Fire-Water - Fire-Earth - Water-Earth)
         - Access to level 3 power-up with Max Rage

Take care and let the spirits guide you.

Here are the cards for print-and-play:
    Debut version    -    Standard version    -    Complete Version.


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